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Kristin Anderson, founder of Most Amazing Woman



is you!

Kristin Anderson, Pleasure Priestess

Ready for a pleasureable life?

What about a orgasmic life?

How about we go even deeper to experience the divine within and BE BLISS?

Let me be your guide to deepely connecting with the Pleasure Goddess that you are.
I have spent my life deep diving into obscure sexo-spiritual and esoteric wisdom. I've studied the depths of many religions and had other-worldly experiences that sound like fiction. One thing they all have in common at the top? Sex. 
The message today is clear; It is time to step into a broader realm of WHOLE being. Where sex is revered for the awesome creative magnet that it is! I am here to assist on your journey to divine embodiment and the joy that will consequently flow into all areas of your life.

Roll the Dice, book by Kristin Anderson

My first book is now available  


Roll the Dice

A story of Initiation, Reclamation & Empowerment.

Most Amazing Woman on YouTube

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"Kristin has been such a huge part of my healing journey. Her knowledge, insights, listening & way she simplifies complicated concepts & ideas are remarkable. Amazing life fulfilling results. Her understanding & respect of ones shadow side is powerful."
~ Yvonne


"I think you’re a great mentor because you understand and deeply empathize with others. 
You are so unbiased and non-judgmental.
I’ve shared a lot candidly and I’ve never felt judged by you.
You’ve been in my shoes and you got out of this toxicity."


“Spending time tapping into the female energy is pretty special. I am trying to get more into my feminine. I had never experienced anything like that.  Sending the words out as they came to my mind felt very empowering not only for me but for the woman receiving. The whole thing was pretty magical. I highly recommend experiencing that.” 


"There was so much energy I could feel it. 
My intention was to deepen my practice.
To be witnessed by women who are on the journey and want to create something powerful.
Women who know they are powerful in a world that tells them they are not.
For those who want to embrace their feminine power. And it was so much fun!"
~ Nancy 

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