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Life Design

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The Process

Life Design is a two day, private workshop with Kristin Anderson. A wholistic approach to reclaiming control over your life and manifesting the results you desire rapidly with ease. Bringing in alignment your souls calling, your deep subconscious beliefs and your material world, resulting in landing your dreams in record time. Results are tanglible in your life, from new romance to a calming atmosphere to a brand new wardrobe! This workshop is catered specifically to YOUR individual needs. We will utilize tools in 3 key areas of life. 1) Soul, your soul's calling. 2) Mind, your thoughts, ideas and blocks. 3) Matter, your physical surroundings, like clothing, furniture. These three areas create a way of being that in turn creates your manifesting power. When we create alignment with these three aspects of your being, your entire world becomes your vision board! You begin to manifest your desires rapidly! If you're feeling upheaval in your life, this is your opportunity to create with vision and intentionality! PLAY BIG! The world is ready for this next version of you! We need you! Become all that your soul is calling you to be!

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The Steps





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