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Sex Obsessed Overculture

We are a culture obsessed with sex. Having it, or avoiding it. Shame, guilt, secret fantasies and hidden atrocities abound. Our natural urges have created havoc in this world and it is totally by design. 

Hyper sexuality, paired with guilt and shame, is the mass delusional programming of a grand narcissistic puppeteer intentionally keeping humanity severed from its divine nature. 

Women have taken to being promiscuous, to try and somehow regain control of their bodies and take back some feeling of sovereignty from oppression. But that kind of freedom is only self exploitation and ends in more trauma to our bodies and less love. 

Your powers have been being used against you. 

You are not designed to operate like that. You are far more magnificent.


What if you could fully access your sexuality in a whole, body and being way that would simultaneously elevate our world and everyone in it, while honoring your self so deeply and cultivating a feeling of pleasure within your body that is  - out - of - this - world? 

What if you could reclaim all your broken pieces heal completely from all traumas?

Would you be into that?

Well, this is your birthright and the pure magic that is “you”.

Sexual Sovereign is get-away like no other, including high level sexospiritual teachings that will ground your divinity within you and right here on Earth, bringing peace and unconditional love through you from the ripple effect of your energy body.

This is great power. 

With great power comes great responsibility. 

Dissolve trauma.

Feel the ease of forgiveness and compassion.

Expand your capacity to love unconditionally.

Connect to your intuition.

Make choices with clarity.

Live a life that benefits all beings.

Magnetize your desires rapidly.

Feel pleasure deeply, expansively.

Live in the expanded consciousness of love every day.

Thrive in divinity.

This is who you really are. 

A divine being. Designed to feel orgasmic, erotic enlightening pleasure with or without a partner. Once you own this magic within, you can move it outward and experience expansive communion with a conscious partner like never before.

When your inner power is reclaimed and anchored within you, you will realize, it’s not about you. We are all one. What affects one, affects all. From this place, we can heal and shift the brokenrealities of our current Earth societies. We no longer will need to fight. When the time comes, we won’t have to.

We will be far beyond that. 

Rise with us!


If you want to know more about the upcoming Sexual Sovereign retreats in Tulum Mexico, please sign up for my email list!


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