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Join me in conversation!

I Co-host this podcast on all things "other worldly", Come hang with us on YouTube! We talk about all things metaphysical, interview leaders in the spiritual realms and actively seek to bring up to date insight of the multiverse.

Interstellar Chats on Youtube
Most Amazing Woman with Kristin Anderson

Welcome! My name is Kristin Anderson. I am an energy worker and shadow integration specialist. My mission is to lift you up and inspire you to greatness, to lead you to the awareness that you already have everything you need within.

Want to share your story with the world? Lets make it happen! 

The Most Amazing Woman!

Here, we tell the stories of "every" woman without an agenda and with minimal editing, in her own words. Women are leading the shift happening today on the planet and nothing is more powerful than each story of transformation. 

 As women elevate, Most Amazing Woman will be there sharing their wisdom. Let's raise the collective consciousness  together!


We are growing! We have 50 subscribers!

 Please help us grow in order to reach more women who will benefit from our stories of growth, self love and empowerment! Subscribing, commenting and liking videos helps more than you know! Sharing with friends is a great way to help us grow! 

I see you! I appreciate you! You are loved!

Thank you for walking this journey with us, and thank you for contributing your wisdom to the whole!

We are one!


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Most Amazing Woman YouTube channel.
Kristin Anderson, yellow leaves in Utah

Stories connect us all.

Stories heal.

Every woman has a story.
Every woman is
"The Most Amazing Woman."
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