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Roll the Dice by Kristin Anderson, book cover
Do you feel like you were meant for more? Do you ever wonder why life is so hard for you? Learn the secrets that will set you free and expand your peace in remarkable ways. Manipulate your reality and set the course of your own life! 
This book is my story of initiation, reclamation and empowerment.

Roll the Dice

How powerful are you really?

"This is a must read for every single woman on the planet." 


"This book touched on such deeeeeep human truths through a humble, happy and healed woman’s life story." 

"An exhilirating read." 

"Hope more young people read this, it will help them." 

"Great life lessons." 

Roll the Dice by Kristin Anderson
Roll the Dice by Kristin Anderson, on Amazon

Listen to Kristin read this boook out loud on Instagram @mostamazingwoman

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