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Welcome to my new website!

I build websites. Not too many people know that. Mostly I have built them for myself and I've learned almost every platform out there! Now I am happily moving everything to WIX! I said I would never do it, but here I am! They have everything in one place and that feature is what hooked me. As a solopreneur, less is more!

That said, there is still a lot to learn about how everthing fits together and getting it up and running.

While its not fully perfected right now and I am still tweaking and building, I wanted to get up the basics anyway!

Moving forward! Clearly there is more to come!

Stay tuned for some life changing courses and a year long mastermind. I am excited to be moving in a new direction that encompasses all of my gifts.

What is that?

I am a manifestation coach!

I use all my wisdom, talents, gifts and experiences to help you clear your path into your brightest, most alighned future! Taking you to warp speed!

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